Birthday of the President of the Prince's Order


The Grand Chancellery of the Prince's Order has the immense honor of celebrating today the birthday of its President, His Highness Prince Georges, Duke of Royan.

On this exceptional day, we look forward to paying tribute to His Highness, whose dedication and wisdom have guided our Order with incomparable grace. His thought leadership and commitment to the fundamental principles of our institution have helped strengthen the bonds that unite our community.

During his tenure as President of the Chancellery, His Highness demonstrated extraordinary vision and a deep attachment to the values that make our Order great. His dedication to the well-being of our community and his unwavering support for noble causes inspired each of us.

On this special occasion, the Chancellery expresses its deep gratitude to His Highness for his valuable contribution to the prosperity of our Order. May this day be full of happiness, success and love for His Highness.