The Council of the Order

The Council of the Grand Chancellery of the Prince's Order is an eminent institution that plays an essential role in the management and promotion of humanitarian initiatives, the preservation of historical heritage, as well as in the recommendation of deserving individuals for the prestigious decoration of the Prince's Order. Chaired by His Highness Prince Georges and assisted by the Grand Chancellor of the Order, this council illustrates the Princely Order's commitment to excellence, philanthropy and the recognition of exceptional contributions to society.

A fundamental aspect of the Council's role is to organize meaningful humanitarian initiatives. In collaboration with charitable and humanitarian organizations, the Council designs and supervises projects aimed at improving the living conditions of people in need, while embodying the humanitarian values of the Prince's Order.

At the same time, the Council is actively engaged in the promotion and preservation of historical heritage. It initiates projects aimed at restoring and protecting cultural and historical sites, thereby helping to preserve the history and cultural wealth that shape the nation's identity.

In addition, the Council plays a central role in the process of selecting individuals worthy of receiving the distinction of the Prince's Order. Through rigorous criteria, the Council examines outstanding contributions in diverse fields such as philanthropy, education, science, and many others. Council members propose names of individuals whose exemplary actions embody the values of the Prince's Order, and these recommendations are then submitted to Prince Georges for final approval.

In short, the Council of the Grand Chancellery of the Prince's Order plays a vital role in embodying the noble principles of the Order, implementing significant humanitarian actions, preserving historical heritage and carefully selecting deserving individuals for the honorary distinction, thus contributing to the influence and perpetuation of the ideals of the Prince's Order.